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Pack Meetings
​​Where? Ludgershall Memorial Hall
When? Mondays
Time? 6 to 8pm

Age Range? Age 8 to 11

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The Wolf Cub Pack

Wolf Cubs continue to this day for the 8-11 age group. The ‘Pack’ meets weekly for two hours. Packs tend to have a number of Sixes made up of in the main six wolf cubs with one (called a Sixer) responsible for his/her Six and a Seconder as a deputy. They ensure the younger and less experienced Wolf Cubs are looked after during the Pack activities and will be asked by leaders about ideas for running the Pack at the Sixers Council.

What Wolf Cubs Do

​There are many badges to achieve in Wolf Cubs many of which are planned into the weekly activity programme. Other badges can be done at home or achieved through membership of a sports team or by enjoying a hobby.

​During their time in the Pack the Wolf Cubs will mainly work towards their staged activity badges, the First and Second Stars. As part of this programme they will learn about the Country Code, the Union Jack and the key Saints such as St George. Among the other activities they'll undertake we'll also teach them how to make a cup of tea, how to cook breakfast and how to polish a pair of school shoes.

At the 5th Wiltshire we also use team games and other fun activities to help develop the Wolf Cubs knowledge about Scouting in a creative way.

Out and about exploring the local area and community is also part of the program. Wolf Cubs will learn about their local public services and often get demonstrations from the Police, Ambulance and Fire services.

We often run Pack and Group sleepovers or camps so that Wolf Cubs can experience camping with friends (without Mum or Dad). At camp they'll learn how to look after themselves (personal hygiene), their belongings and each other.

Pack activities are planned and supervised by the leaders to ensure the Wolf Cubs are kept busy, active, happy and having bags of fun!

Fun, Friends, Camping, Visits, Challenges, Games and Crafts

Wolf Cubs - Do Your Best!

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