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Section Meetings
Where? Ludgershall Memorial Hall
When? Wednesdays
Time? 7 to 9pm

Age Range? Age 15 to 18

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Senior Scouts - Look wide!

Adventure, Travel, Make Friends For Life and do your CV good as well!

Senior Scouts

The 5th Wiltshire Senior Scout section is open to all young people aged 15 to 18. The section is based like all our others at our HQ in the centre of Ludgershall. 

Baden-Powell first suggested the idea of Senior Scouts in 1917 to ensure that older Scouts with experience and skills had a section to enjoy when they reached 15. Unlike other organisations we don't expect our most experienced young people to leave and travel halfway across the County to continue their Scouting.

The Senior Scouts motto of ‘Look Wide’ describes the sections philosophy in which they are encouraged to actively take control of their own management and programme.

Being in Senior Scouts is a great adventure. You can make friends for life, doing things you never though you were capable of and have fun all at the same time.

Senior Scouts meet regularly and work hard, both independently and with others to achieve a great range of goals and awards (whilst overcoming whatever life throws at them along the way!)

Seniors build upon the skills and hobbies they develop in the younger sections and often have opportunities to gain a number of awards. The Programme is directly aligned to the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme and so the Silver and Gold awards are within reach.

What Seniors Do

Quite a lot. Senior Scouts routinely get involved in camping, mountaineering, climbing, survival, snow holing, caving, canoeing, kayaking, abseiling, forestry, pioneering, sailing, travel abroad, teamwork, planning, and making life happen. These and other activities are all in a days work for Senior Scouts with the support of their leaders.

Seniors are able to enjoy making their way through a number of awards including the Bushman's Badge and the Venture Badge to gain their St Georges Award which is the highest award a young person can earn within the B-PSA. Alongside this there are a great number of proficiency badges including the Rock Climber, Electrician, Hiker and of course the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.


National and international events are an important part of ‘looking wide’ at the world and there are chances to join Seniors from around the UK to take part in the Discovery Award which operates in the UK and aboard as a four day self supported expedition or Jamborees joining other Scouts from around the world on camps in foreign countries.

Being a Senior Scout is also a great investment for the future in terms of CV, career and education. Colleges and employers are constantly looking for ways to identify the best people beyond their grades.

Those that can show they have the get up and go to make things happen, the courage to see a project through to the end, the ability to work well as a team member and the spirit of adventure to take on challenges and take responsibility will be high on their lists.

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