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Troop Meetings
Where? Ludgershall Memorial Hall
When? Wednesdays
Time? 7 to 9pm.

Age Range? Age 11 to 15

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Scouts - Be Prepared!

Adventure, Camping, Hiking, Canoeing, Pioneering, Survival, Service. Be part of it!

The Scout Troop

The Scout Troop allows boys & girls from age 11 to 15 to experience life building fun and adventures with a group of like minded friends.

Scouts may come up to the Troop from Cubs or join at 11 and progress through Scouts until they are 15 years old – when they join Senior Scouts.

The Scout Troop is run by a team of adults leaders but supported by the Patrol system. This is a particular feature of proper Scouting which operates with Patrols of six members, one of whom is the Patrol Leader and another the Second.

This combined leadership team shares the responsibility for discipline, activity planning and training less experienced members.

Many of the Troop activities will be run on a Patrol basis including the planning and running of Patrol camps, hikes and entering local Area and National competitions.

Our Troop programme is planned to mix fun and games with skills learning, increased self reliance and challenges designed to grow the Scouts potential as future citizens of the world.

What Scouts Do

A Scout in the 5th Wiltshire Troop will take part in a variety of events and activities during their Scouting career and progress through a series of badges that show ability and skill whilst developing self confidence.

The aim of badge work we undertake is to show the Scout’s achievement through challenge, recognition of skills outside of Scouting and activities run within regular weekly meetings. These combined with the other events we run will help develop new skills to equip them for life.

There are many badges to achieve in Scouts, many of which are planned into the weekly activity programme. Other badges can be done at home or achieved by being part of a sports team or by enjoying a hobby.

​During their time in the Troop the Scouts will mainly work towards their staged activity badges, the Second and First Class.

The badge scheme we operate also runs in parallel to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, so Scouts can access their Bronze Award.  Once they move on to Seniors and Rovers they are able to work towards Silver and Gold.

An important part of the programme we offer is providing the Scouts with opportunities to consider their own attitude toward others as well as themselves and to develop their teamwork, adventure & friendship.

Much of what we do revolves around the great outdoors using skills learned in the winter to enjoy camping, hiking, survival and cooking out in the wild.

Scouts will also take part in an array of adventurous activities such as climbing, abseiling, archery, kayaking & hill walking. These may be done through the Troop or with other Groups across the UK.