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Rover Meetings
Where? Decided for each meet up
When? When we choose!
Time ? Evenings.

Age Range? Age 18 up.​

Interested in joining? Please get in touch with the GSM for more details.​

Learn new skills. Meet like minded adults. Explore your potential. Enjoy!

Rover Scouts - Outdoors!

The Rover Crew

Baden-Powell first introduced Rover Scouting in 1918 as the final stage in the system of training in the principles and practice of citizenship which each of the younger sections plays its part.

There is no age limit to Rover Scouts, simply a shared view that adults can continue to grow and find happiness through living their adult take on the Scout law and promise and enjoying being in the outdoors.

New Rover Scouts will become members of our local Rover 'Crew' that while still a part of the 5th Wiltshire Scout Group, meet when and where we choose and operate as a democratic unit under the chairmanship of a Rover Scout Leader.

Many Rovers will end up at university or move away for work but maintain their membership of their local Crew and join up with national or international events by keeping in contact via their Crew’s online network or through our Facebook page ’Rovering To Success’.

What We Do

Are you an adult who would love to develop a range of new skills and wonders why the kids get all the chances? 

For those willing to explore their full potential through outdoor challenge, new projects and getting involved in their community, Rover Scouting offers a safe and supportive option. 

You'll join a group of friends to share in a practical way the answers to some of life’s fundamental questions, build confidence, learn new skills and get a bit fitter.

You don’t need to have any experience or be particularly fit, just have a positive attitude to try new things and enjoy the company of others.

Camping, mountaineering, climbing, survival, snow holing, caving canoeing, kayaking, abseiling, survival skills, pioneering, Expeditions, sailing, travel abroad, team-work, planning, and living life to the full are all part of a Rover Scouts remit. Only your imagination can hold you back.

This is supported by a number of training opportunities in navigation, hill walking, survival, first aid and traditional skills as well as the potential to get sponsored (up to £500) by the B-PSA to undertake national outdoor leadership qualifications.

There are also badges and awards open to all ages that are bench marked against National Governing Body standards and up to 25 years of age the Gold DofE award is also part of the Rovers programme.

Our motto of ‘service’ is taken seriously with many Rovers finding a real happiness through helping others in their community or even supporting their own Scout Group as a Leader or Helper.

Pioneering Flagpole