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Raise funds for us for free by doing your shopping and searching as normal!

We've teamed up with Easy Fund Raising to help raise funds towards the equipment, activities and a Van we desperately need to be able to offer everyone in the group from Beavers to Rovers the type of outdoor adventures we try to offer. You can see some of the kit we need in the slideshow below.


You can help raise funds by searching and shopping online as normal in four different ways which are explained below.


So please sign up to help us and share this info with all your friends, family and businesses as it's an easy NO COST TO YOU way to raise us valuable funds.


To go direct to our fund raising centre visit this link: http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/5thwiltshirescouts



4 Ways YOU Can Help!




Business Supplies

Businesses can raise extra funds for us when they purchase their routine supplies and services. 


From stationary and insurance to office furniture, most things can be bought at the click of a mouse.


With easyfundraising, businesses can raise £100s for us, without costing them a penny.


So if you know or run a business that might like to support local youngsters having adventures then please share the link to our fund raising centre where there are over 150 business suppliers available. 



Another easy way to boost the effect of using Easy Fund Raising to raise funds for the Group is to simply share the link to our fund raising centre with all your friends, family and colleagues.


To share a link to our fund raising centre use this link



Raise money for us by simply searching the web. If you use the Easysearch tool which is powered by Bing we'll get 1p for every two searches you carry out. So this can really mount up over the course of a year and costs you nothing.


Most people could raise us around £20 per year based on the typical number of searches we all do - if every family in the group used Easysearch we'd raise nearly £300!!


To use Easysearch simply use this link: http://5thwiltshirescouts.easysearch.org.uk/

You can help raise valuable funds for us when you shop online simply by registering and using our link. The guide below will show you how to set things up to use when you shop for Holidays, Insurance, Travel, Food, Gifts and Presents.