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Our Current Fund Raising






As we currently have to rent our meeting space the bulk of our income goes on paying for rent and storage and then on fixed overheads like kit insurance so we are totally reliant on grants and donations to buy new kit or subsidise the cost of running the six or more camps we run each year. 


Here are the main items we are currently fund raising for:


Camping Equipment


Thanks to the start up grants we received we were able to get a few tents to start camping. Now we need to get a mix of additional equipment to cater for the needs of our young people.


These include:


  • Large 8 man tent to serve as a Camp Kitchen

  • 2 Man Tents to allow mixed patrol camping

  • Tarps and bashas to allow shelter building

  • Toilet Tents

  • Fire Shelters

  • Frontier Stoves & Water Heaters

  • Washing Tents

  • Camp Toilets





Expedition Equipment


As our Beavers grow to become Scouts (all too fast) they get the chance to be more independent and do adventurous activities, camps and expeditions as part of their badge work, for fun or as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Awards.


So that no family has to find the cost of the essential kit required especially as teenagers grow so fast we want to be able to hold a small stock of the core most expensive items to loan out for these activities namely:


  • Expedition rucksacks

  • Lightweight Tents

  • Sleeping Bags

  • Cookers and Cooking sets

  • Survival bags and first aid kits









Other Essential Equipment & Stores


Alongside the big projects listed above we also have a number of smaller items that we want to get to make the activities we run more fun and enjoyable. These include:


  • Stackable Boxes - (like the Tesco home delivery ones) so kit and equipment can be stored in less space

  • Plastic Trays - (like at Macdonalds) so food 'rations' can reach munching areas more safely without being split

  • Squash, Tea and Biscuits - as the youngsters in the group get through so much at refreshment breaks

  • Cups and Shields - so we can award prizes to the youngsters and groups that do their best

  • Section Flags - so each section can have a flag for their special events and investitures

  • Compasses, Maps & GPS Device - for teaching and practising navigation by day and night

  • Rope, Pulleys & Rope Cutter

  • Morse Code Buzzers  

  • Paper Plane Launchers 


You can see on our fund raising page for several easy and FREE ways you can help us fund raise.


Or, use our contact page to let us know if you can help us in any way.