© 2012 - 2019 by 5th Wiltshire Scout Group. No reproduction without permission. The B-PSA is a Registered Educational Charity Number: 278525 

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Enjoy the outdoors?
See the future in young people?
Want to put something back?
Like the idea of supportive practical training?

Interested in joining? 
Please speak to the GSM for more info.

Inspiring the next generation......and having fun at the same time!

What's In It For You?


Achievement, confidence, new skills, hundreds of new friends big and small, cake, tea, woodsmoke, endless sunshine, craft activities, sewing, making things you'd never believe out of strange materials, meeting like minded people, escape, fresh air with added moisture plus lashings of tea and cake.


But when you become a uniformed leader with us we don't expect you to give up your, time, effort, energy and money to serve others for nothing so as a leader you can choose the following:


  • Free uniform

  • Free practical scouting skills training regardless of section

  • Free First Aid At Work training and Food Hygiene Part 1

  • No monthly subs for your children

  • Mileage allowance for travel to training and events

  • £500 Bursary scheme to take Outdoor Adventure Qualifications

  • Place at all National International Camps (World Jamboree in 2018)

  • Rover Scouts - Scouting for Adults so you can do outdoor adventures with other supportive grown ups 


Plus you can take part and enjoy all the activities we run so you also get to light fires, build gadgets, do archery etc - no standing on the sidelines holding bags and paying for the privilege :) 


The B-PSA is a very family based Association with a structure totally based around the youngsters and our local communities. 


Inspiring THE Future

By becoming a uniformed leader or an adult helper in the B-P Scouts’ Association you'll also be helping young people to be the best citizens that they can be:

  • Through the outdoors.

  • Through passing on the values inspired by B-P

  • Through working with new ideas and technologies.

  • Through being democratic.

  • Through being friendly and supportive.

We run five sections for mixed groups of boys and girls across the age groups:


Beavers - 5 to 8 years old
Wolf Cubs - 8 to 11 year olds
Scouts - 11 to 15 year olds
Senior Scouts - 15 to 18 year olds
Rover Scouts - 18 years onwards


What Could You Do?

Everybody has a sense of the age group they would prefer to work with and this is reflected in our different approaches for each section.

Beavers have the ​motto is ‘Busy and Bright’ and the closely supervised and structured activities develop social and practical skills and an initial experience of the outdoors through games, crafts, walks, sleepovers and having fun.

Wolf Cubs have the motto ‘Do Your Best’ and join in with activities and games based around the story of the Jungle Book. They begin to learn to perform practical skills under supervision and work as a team. They go camping, walking, and light fires as well enjoy interesting visits. 

Scouts have the motto ‘Be Prepared’ and work through a progressive scheme of skills including planning and eventually operating as a Patrol. They help run their own camps and expeditions. Activities increase in terms of adventure and include climbing, canoeing, pioneering and hill walking. Leaders need to balance learning with risks, operating ongoing risk assessments to ensure safety.


Senior Scouts operate with the motto ’Look Wide’ and build levels of self sufficiency and outdoor adventure on a global stage and can do the Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. Leaders encourage the section to manage their own activities through coaching and some direction.


Rover Scouts have the motto ’Service’ and are a fellowship of the outdoors. There is no upper limit to age and the programme is based on national governing body level qualifications and the DofE Gold award for those under 25. Leaders are usually highly experienced outdoors people who have the natural respect of other adults.

Leaders & Helpers - Baden-Powell Scouts